Sunday, December 8, 2013

So.....Tis the season for sharing everything right? I had hoped by now to have had "the talk" by now with my man, unfortunately I have been dealing with an exceptionally difficult cold that hubby saw fit to share with me. I have had laryngitis for well over a week so literally can not say a word. How frustrating. This extra time has allowed me to take a step back and gather my thoughts. It has allowed me to reach out to others for their feedback. It has allowed me time for reflection.

One problem here. Hubby has done what he can to help me get well, getting meds, bringing me meds, making sure I am comfortable.Like I said, he is a gem of a man. Yesterday, he left me at home to sleep and reminded me to take my meds on his way out the door. Did I do so? Nope. Just didn't give it a thought forward 12 hours later when he arrived back home. " Did you take your meds he asked?" I said yes, he said what was that? I said yes I did. He asked if I needed to be spanked? Not sure why, unless he knows I just lied.  OMG!!!!!!  I did just blatantly lie to him. My answer just fell out, it really wasn't intentional or premeditated I could argue. Nonetheless, everyone knows a lie is a lie.
This morning I am physically starting to feel better, but my heart and mind knows that what
I did was disrespectful and disobedient. Both which do indicate I deserve to be spanked. This is a perfect example of what being held accountable with consequences would be.

Well... I suppose I will add this to my long list of offenses that require attention. I just wonder what Hubby will say when I actually "admit" to lying. I am certain he already knows I have lied in the past, small lies, big lies, white lies, black lies. No matter what you call is ugly. I wonder if he will decide on his own to spank for correction without  "the talk" or if I should proceed with the talk, using this as a perfect example of how he can help me? Well stay tuned and I will let you know what happens.

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