Thursday, August 11, 2016

40 years and counting....

August 7, 1976. Seems so very long ago and yet also seems just like yesterday, we stood before God, family and friends and pledged our hearts to one another. We were young. Many said "it won't last"
Statistically, they were probably right. We on the other hand, we were stubborn, in love and determined to prove the whole world wrong. We thought we knew it all. One way or the other we would make it work.
There were many winding roads we took along the way, we certainly had many up's and down's with what life threw our way. It was not always easy. It was not always fun. There were in fact times where I am sure we both wanted to give up. But each one of us in our own way, were too stubborn, too prideful to just simply give up. And yes, most importantly despite all of life's difficulty, we were still in love with each other.
Along our journey of 40 years, it became very apparent to me that I had married a very special man, one who is the prince of my heart but also was a very dominant leader in our home. That part did not sit well with me at all in our earliest of years. So many arguments, so many temper tantrums did I throw in those early years. It is a true wonder to me that my man stayed with me at all. But stay he did, and he had his very own way of dealing with a wife who would not listen to reason, willfully disobeyed him at every opportunity, was down right disrespectful. He spanked, and he spanked hard.
He did not play games in letting me know of his displeasure and of his expectations moving forward.
Let's just say that Sir had his own little arsenal of persuasive implements that were frequently used without hesitation. Most often was his hand, followed by his belt when things were really not going well. Soon the paddle followed and a riding crop none of which were pleasant when he meant business. But you know what happened here ladies? I soon began to get his message when he meant business. I also knew that I did not want to disappoint him. This is a man who ALWAYS puts my needs, wants and desires above his own and.... he had met and exceeded my wildest dreams and then more.
But wait... what was happening here? I felt like I was living a secret life. I mean who in their right mind would discuss with anyone what was going on in our home? Were there other women who accepted being spanked by their husbands?  I mean really? I had so many questions. And then....

Yes, I was technologically challenged for many years, but once I got my own laptop and learned about google... good lord..... you know what happened next. Entering in that single word that you don't dare speak out loud... "Spanking" and OMG......A whole new world opened up to me. I must have read for weeks on end and believe you me... there is plenty to read. But what did catch my eye was TTWD/DD. Ahhhhh... at long last. There actually is a name for what we had instinctively been doing for most of our marriage. I could hardly believe what I was reading. And then..... I discovered..
Blogging. Now that was yet a whole other thing that I knew nothing about. But once I stumbled across some of the TTWD/DD blogger sites.. my oh my. I was a lurker for sure for so many months.
I was initially embarrassed even within the comfort and privacy of my own home. But soon... even while still lurking... I began to feel comfortable with TTWD. Then THAT day happened. I stumbled across Meredith's blog..... and she had an email attached. The door was wide open. Would I take a leap of faith and walk through that door to see if I could establish some honest communication and perhaps a friendship of some sort? Well the rest is of course history. I did reach out to Meredith and she was instrumental in helping me sort through those early feelings of uncertainty particularly since I had read way too much. I am forever incredibly grateful for her friendship and her honesty. And while I remained technologically challenged, I persevered and through trial and error finally was able to get my own blog up and running. Through that blog I have met many other wonderful women who have provided me with much support in the past several years.
So where is this going now you might ask? Well after 40 years of
marriage, one of the most often asked questions in  our home is.... Have you had your spanking today? Sometimes said in fun, those are the best kind right? Sometimes
though the intent is to teach an expected lesson, not so much fun as we all know. But I do know one thing for sure..... and that is that I was blessed to be given this strong man of mine, one who is a leader in our home and will do whatever is necessary to keep the peace in our home and our love flames alive.
And so despite the many up's and down's of life, here we are today still very much in love, I his princess and he is my prince. After all true love never ends, and TTWD certainly helps keep those love flames alive and dancing.

Now I typically wouldn't show something personal here on my blog, but I just have to show you the beautiful 40th anniversary gift Sir gave me. Hang on.....
BLING!!!! It is gorgeous. I wanted to share this wonderful moment in our lives with all of you ladies who are special to me in one way or another. 40 years is a long time. I am looking forward to many more years of fun, laughter, love and yes even spanking as long as it keeps us moving in the right direction!!!!! Thanks for letting me share our special celebration.