Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Naughty or Nice? Who is keeping the list?

Christmas. My favorite time of the year. I particularly am enjoying this year since I am only working in our business. However, this is one of the very busiest times of the year for us which is why I have had no time for posting this month.
Of course, many things can be said for this time of the year. Above is an actual picture of a saying that I have in my living room. One morning Sir decided to lay his large wooden spoon in front of it
just so I could see it when I came down the stairs.
He said I had been a naughty girl, and needed to have some correction time over his lap so I could settle down and get through the remainder of our month. I asked for "specifics" Nope. None to be
shared. He simply said he is keeping a list and checking it twice to determine if I was naughty or nice. He also said something to the effect that my bottom was soon to be as red as Rudolph's nose!!
Oh goodness.. Ouch and ouch....
Well a lot of what has been said in our home lately has been for kicks and grins, but he definitely has used that wooden spoon a time or two to get his messages across. Regardless of how busy we are he always makes time to get his points across.  Still not much "official talking" going on here about TTWD.  I am just slipping in a question or two every so often to see if I can get a sense of how he
really feels. That post will follow in the New Year when I have more time.

In the meantime.....
I want to wish all of my blogland friends and your families a very Merry Christmas season

Friday, November 18, 2016

Thankfulness & Gratitude and I am on a mission.....

 So before too much more time gets away and we are all caught up with our family and friends for the Thanksgiving holidays, I would like to take this time to say a very special thank you to each one of you here in blog land for the kindness and support you have shown me this past year despite the many up's and downs. Know that I wish all of you safe travels and time spent with your family and friends that will bring you joy, laughter and fun. Thanksgiving often turns our hearts towards a spirit of gratitude.
I do find that when I spend more time reflecting on the things I am truly grateful for in my life, my attitude definitely changes and I have a softer approach and outlook in my life. That should include Sir as well. So this Thanksgiving, I am going to set aside some time to write down all the many things I am thankful for and grateful for in having Sir as my husband for 40 years. I am hopeful in doing so it will soften my heart, quite my mind down and help me to prepare myself for active communication that I am hopeful will occur and I can do so with active listening skills.

Are you listening to me? Do you hear what I am saying?

So I saw this quote and it hit home with me. How often has Sir said to me that he does not like or
appreciate my "tone?" Well now that I think about it, he says this nearly every conversation. I think in my haste to be heard I just talk right over him which must have to sound disrespectful and most likely he in fact tunes me out which is why I never feel heard. So.. in order to begin to see change it is I that needs to initiate the change beginning with my approach. Here is where I sure could use some feedback from any of you that find yourselves in a similar situation. How do you approach your partner when you have something of significance on your mind so that they are willing to take the time to sit down and hear you out? How do you keep things from spiraling out of control?

So for the most part, I feel my husband is a good leader, sometimes I don't see it until way after the fact, but more often than not he is right in his decisions. I saw this quote and I really want to reflect on this a bit longer. "The part about even if he is not leading the way I want him to".... Guilty as charged here ladies. I think I don't often give him enough credit for just being him, whether or not I am in agreement. That can't be good for his morale. I need to spend more time building him up than trying to get my own way. That will take time to practice and execute for sure.

So this Thanksgiving, I want to focus on all the things I am truly grateful for with Sir. The things he does are truly amazing to me, and they do make my heart happy and full. I want to learn to be appreciative where we are in the moment. But.. I do want him to hear how much better I think things can be for us both if we are truly following a TTWD lifestyle. Perhaps, I will just simply ask him what he thinks TTWD looks like to him, put duct tape across my mouth if I have to in order to let him say what he needs to say and I need to fully listen. Perhaps in doing so I will actually gain some insight as to where we are and where we might be heading.

I am hopeful in the end, we will look more like this, closer together with a much clearer understanding of where we are and where we are headed. Stay tuned.. I will fill you in on how this goes after Thanksgiving.

LOL 2016

Calling all Lurkers.... I was once a lurker and did so for many months before reaching out to a blogger and developed a friendship that I did not expect. Finally after much encouragement, I decided
to develop my own blog sight if nothing more than to document my journey on TTWD.

Are you lurking around out there? If so, come on in and pull up a chair and let's get to know a bit about one another. It is a great way to break the ice, dip your toe in and see how you feel about perhaps opening up to others that have and are going through some of the very same issues you may be going through.

I have shared before that many a friendships are found here in blogland, non-judgmental, open, honest and supportive feedback. While there are at times some tears and frustrations here, more often than not, there is fun and laughter as we help each other through the good and difficult times.

So feel free to leave a comment or two, let me get to know you, or if you still prefer to remain anonymous that is perfectly fine too.

Thanks for stopping by my sight. I hope you have found some of the postings here helpful to you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New look, New changes, New life

A very big thank you to all of you that responded to yesterday's post. What a difference a day can make.
I made a decision to try to freshen up my blog site and at the same time after visiting some of your
sites again, I was able to delete some very old blogs that actually were no longer active and I believe
I was able to update my blog roll with current bloggers that should make things a bit easier moving
So with that, please pull up a chair and stay awhile won't you?
 So what I really wish is that I could have friendships in this lifestyle that really were like being in real life time. I would love to have one or more of you over to pull up a chair and sit down and talk
about TTWD over coffee, tea or a cappuccino whichever you prefer.
I love all of these warm drinks particularly at this time of the year. I find them very comforting.
This is how I imagine myself looking these days. Alone, thinking things over in my head about TTWD and are Sir and I really doing TTWD? Or.. are we just doing what we have always done throughout our lifetime. Does it really matter or not? Well apparently somewhere deep down inside of me it does matter. Why is it so important for me to "define" TTWD? That's a challenging question at best. If you were to ask Sir about this process, he see's no issues at all, and is just fine with how things are going although he would appreciate a bit more cooperation from me particularly in my conversations, my tone, & my argumentative attitude. Ok. I can accept that statement. But.. I thought that  is what TTWD really was about, to help alleviate those things that your partner could do without right? In our home we have never set boundaries or rules per se... Sir just takes action as he see's fit and sometimes for no apparent reason other than the fact "he can" as I was told last night.
Me... I need discussions, boundaries, rules and consequences in order to improve. Clearly we have differences of opinion on how TTWD works for us. Sir tells me I "overthink" things way too much for his liking. Inside my head I think and feel that he just doesn't want to talk things out in the same way I do. Is it worth it to rock the boat and try to get Sir to see things from my perspective? Not sure about that one right now.

So I constantly feel I am being pulled this way, or that way or another way whenever I read about TTWD in general, or even when I read blogs from all of you. I do my best to not compare but reality is I do. And in doing so, I feel less confident each day that Sir and I have a TTWD relationship.
Just admitting that alone brings me sadness. Now don't misunderstand me here.. Spankings in our household have been going on for a very long time. GG spankings, playful spankings, erotic spankings, extremely rare if ever are discipline spankings. I should be grateful right? At least Sir has always been willing to deliver on the much needed and deeply craved spanking part regardless of the reasons. But here in lies the issue I believe. My mind has not accepted that Sir is ok with this as things are, but I, on the other hand, feels there has to be more to TTWD. Sadly, I believe it is the lack of communication that we do not have with regards to this issue. I feel if I were to persist in trying to get my thoughts across, it would push Sir away and we might lose what we already have. I am not certain if I am getting my thoughts out here in a way that any of you can relate to, but I am doing my best.
I saw this quote today, and I think it sums things up from my perspective. I am not a very good listener and am always thinking of what I am going to say to Sir whenever he is speaking to me.
It is not a good quality to have hence I believe is the reason we can find ourselves in a heated argument in 2.5 seconds or less over the simplest of things. Maybe it is because I don't care to understand Sir's side of a situation whether he is right or wrong. I simply want to be heard.
It certainly would be more courteous of me to at least truly listen and try to understand Sir's thoughts, before responding. Maybe, just maybe that is the starting point for us.
 So I then saw this quote that spoke to me. Perhaps in the desire and attempt to change TTWD for us, so that it is more effective and meaningful for us both but particularly me, I need to go within my heart and find out why TTWD is so important to me, what is it that I want from a TTWD lifestyle besides the spanking part.. ok that was hard to admit but it is what it is ladies. I think to answer that question will take a bit more reflection. So perhaps I will save that for my next post.

Getting back into the swing of things here in blogland, I am reminded by many that this weekend is this year's.....
And so...  welcome.. any and all new and old bloggers to stop by and say a quick hello if you wish.
This blogland thing is often challenging, but what it really is.. is an opportunity to make new friends with others who have the same fears, concerns and questions about TTWD. While there are occasional tears and frustration shared here, more often than not, there is fun, and laughter found here and a sense of belonging. I invite you to pull up a chair here and feel free to leave a comment if you wish. I would welcome the opportunity to meet new bloggers or just answer a question or two if you would like. Until next time... I am truly thankful for my blogland friends. I will just keep putting one foot in front of the other and see where my steps lead me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Feeling Lost.

So... I will keep this post short. I feel lost. I feel disconnected. So many bloggers have left, some new one's have arrived. I apparently do not know where to find a "current listing" of all of our bloggers
and so there are some that I would like to follow but don't know how to reach them anymore.

I feel my own blog has dropped off the planet and I certainly can understand why due to the infrequency of my writing. I just am not certain I really have anything much to offer or that anyone
is really reading anymore.

I started blogging initially to help me sort through all of my feelings after discovering TTWD.
Amazingly, I found a great group of ladies that were supportive and I felt like I belonged. Many shared good feedback and support. Some of those folks are now gone and I miss the friendship found

I am sorta stuck between a rock and a hard place. I want to share if anyone is interested , but then again it's kinda  like taking baby steps backward in time and I am nervous with so many new bloggers here that I need to get to know.

So while I know it has been said in the past that we should not promote our own blog, I would like to put it out there, if anyone is willing to provide me with your blogging site info, I would welcome a list so that I can clean up my current listing that I think is old and start afresh. Anyone interested
in helping me start a clean slate?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Harsh words, Hidden anger, Silence = "Spanking and meaningful conversation."

Ok. This is me yesterday evening. Doesn't look good does it?
So..... It has been a hard week for us. Work has been great but challenging. Last night, one thing led to another and well tempers flew and I spoke my mind and even though I felt 100% certain that I was right, the manner in which I came across was disrespectful. Silence then ensued as we got through the night. I didn't want to discuss anything. I wanted to stew about what had happened. Oh sure, we kind of both joked about what happened, Sir on the lighter note, me however took it all to heart and only became more angrier as I continued to keep my thoughts inside my head. The short ride home was spent with Sir making normal conversation as I sat in total sullen silence.

We are home, I am upstairs changing for bed, ready to get into our cozy warm bed and unwind.
I suddenly hear Sir say... are you over the bed? Huh? I NEVER heard him say that and now he is acting as though of course he did. I said.. No!!! No I am not. I am tired and just want to relax.
SILENCE.  Good I thought. Just maybe he will get the message I am really P----d off and he will leave me alone. NOT. Sir comes into the bedroom and says.. I told you over the bed now. I said.. Really? You have to be kidding me.  He said.. Do I look like I am kidding? I have the means to be sure you end up over the bed so let's go now.  He "ripped" really pulled the covers back. I didn't move.
Sir walked to the corner of the room and picked up the following item.
Not another word. Well of course that was not going to stop me, until.... yep Sir started smacking me with the HOH stick, I tried to cover my butt with my hands and SMACK!!! Right on my hand. Sir said.. I would advise you to move your hands and put down your phone. Turn over right now. You need this more than you know. Reluctantly, I turned over and accepted my fate, tears were right there not because I was sorry, but because deep down I was still angry and felt he was being unfair. Sir finished up, and said that should give you something to sleep on. He got into bed. I attempted to turn away but no... Sir wrapped his arms around me and said he loved me and that I was to settle down and get some sleep. Normally when we are like this, I am to stirred up to sleep, but not last night. I slept hard but I did keep dreaming the same dream over and over again, replaying what had happened. I was still angry. Morning finally arrived. I got up and showered. I felt like I was in a really bad mood and that is never good when you still have one very long day ahead. I got out of the shower, dried off and saw Sir sitting on the bed. I came to him with the intent of at least getting off my mind what had happened and to see if we could clear the air. I am not sure what happened when I got to Sir but what I said next floored me. Sir said.. do you need something? I said yes. I need you to help me clear the air. I need a reset. Sir stared at me intently. He said.. really? You think so? After all the disrespect shown last night? Well little lady, don't you worry. I am already prepared to do just that. And out he pulls............
Yes, the dreaded leather strap. I think you are healing well enough and I am capable of making my point without injuring you further. Over the bed now.
Ok. So I am not over Sir's lap, but am over the bed as this supports me better at this time. And with that Sir started to spank. And me......

Yep, those tears were right there. I was angry, hurt, frustrated and now about to be spanked. Sir provided the first 4-5 smacks and they definitely hurt. I just soaked them in. I tried to put aside my angry thoughts and find more meaningful thoughts to focus on. I asked Sir to stop for a moment and asked if he would please talk to me. He said.. sure. Lay back down. He started to spank. He also started to talk about his side of what he felt had happened. I was strongly disagreeing in my head as he continued to spank and the swats were getting more intense. I finally lashed out what my thoughts were with the situation. Brave of me with a bare bottom and a Sir with a leather strap in his hand. But.. I told him exactly why I was upset as I cried. Sir kept spanking and adding little comments in.
Once I let it all out, and accepted the spanking.. I could hear his words of his side of the story and realized that he had a much deeper message and intent for speaking to me yesterday evening than I had realized. I missed the message because I let my assumptions and quick temper flare up and then continued to build upon those feelings through the night and into this morning. I saw my mistake for what it was whether I was right or wrong really was irrelevant. Sir still expects respects at all times regardless if we are alone or with others. Now he was going to spank because of my disrespect.
And so.... he did. And yes, it hurt and still hurts as I sit here. But.. I am calm. I am thoughtful in my response to Sir here at work. Most importantly, I know he heard me and I heard him. Now, we can move ahead.

And so..... I need to remain mindful who is the leader in our home, in our business. I may have to remind myself many times as my temper often flares and gets in the way. Sir says we are moving ahead with TTWD as it has been way too long and he will not be tolerating a sassy wife.
So there you have it ladies. I only hope I can keep things in check and continue to move ahead and be the wife he expects, desires and deserves me to be.

Friday, September 30, 2016

What a difference a year can make......

 Just about this time last year, my life was in turmoil. I was exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, on overload, angry, moody, tearful. Enter Sir. He was well aware of all of the issues I was facing , and ever so patiently listened to my many concerns. He dried many tears away. He stood by me as I struggled to determine what actions I needed to take. I am certain, he too, was tired of the constant turmoil in our home, my being present but yet not present in real time. One day, Sir had apparently had just about enough and sent me a simple text message that said: " we are taking a different direction." "Tell them you will be retiring effective the end of the year, and do it today, understood?"
And with that simple statement, my whole life was about to change in ways that I was not expecting.
I was stunned, then I was in disbelief as his words sunk in. He was providing me a way out of a very difficult situation and made the tough decision that I was struggling to make. What would this mean for us? So many questions, self doubts swirled around in my head. Suddenly his words came back to me from his text... "do it  today" And so I shut my office door, put on some quiet music and typed out my letter of resignation and hit the send button before I could give another thought. While I had  so many things yet to  do for the evening, I simply got up, turned everything off and went home. I had a couple of hours before Sir would be home. I sat on our bed in total silence. I had just resigned my position. The tears just filled my eyes and I sobbed. Finally I pulled myself together, took a hot shower and got into bed. I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew, Sir was at the bedside and the first question he asked was.. did you resign your position today? I simply nodded my head yes. Good girl. Go to sleep and get some rest. We will have plenty of time to address the details in the weeks ahead. That night I slept the entire night through, something I had not been able to do for several years. I awakened rested, and while somewhat apprehensive, I headed into work ready to address the many emails my letter of resignation would generate. I quickly became overwhelmed. What would I say, how would I address the many questions? I decided to keep it very simple...
"My husband and I have decided to take another direction." And that is exactly what I said hundreds of times over that day and in the months to follow.
Fast forward now to where we are. Retiring was not easy, but it was necessary. Many months later, people stop me and comment how rested I look, how happy I look, I am glowing apparently.
My health has improved tremendously. I have lost weight, my blood pressure is normal, I am sleeping well, I am eating better, I am not moody, tearful or worried in the same manner I was.
I am enjoying life as it should be. I am living in the present. It is a choice I have made.
Yesterday, I had several appointments I needed to keep, and Sir told me I could just take the day off from our business and I was to try to get some rest in as well. No household chores or working in the yard were to be done. I was to enjoy my day. It is already a beautiful fall season here in my neck of the woods. I noticed the blue sky, the fluffy white clouds, the brilliant sunshine, the crisp cool air and of course the beautiful fall foliage. I went about my errands, tended to my apts. Treated myself to a light breakfast and later in the afternoon to an ice cream. I arrived home, and went about changing the linens on our bed when suddenly, I was overcome with emotions. I sat on our bed and tears silently fell. What was happening here? Sir came to my mind vividly. I could imagine the text message I had
received a year ago. I thought about all of the things that have transpired for us in the past year. I was overcome with gratitude. My Sir did not worry about the details of how our "taking a different direction" would look when he gave the directive.  In his infinite wisdom, while I am certain he did think through the financial ramifications, he still knew it was what would be best for me, and for us.
I quickly picked up my phone and sent him a simple text message.  I thanked Sir for all of his hard work in providing for our every need, how much he was appreciated and how much I loved him for taking care of me. I sat there for awhile and just felt my emotions as they were.
Now I wouldn't want any of you to think that things have just been "perfect" here. We all know I am not the perfect little angel, we all know that I am stubborn, prideful, strong-willed and have even been known to go explicitly against Sir's wishes. And for that.....
Yep, my arts and craft project from last year has been and is still being used even though Sir broke it across my rear end months ago now. We laugh now thinking back, I wasn't laughing then I can assure you. And while we both are on the mend now from our injuries of the summer, this implement while broken still stands in the corner of our bedroom and serves as a reminder that it can and will be used as Sir see's fit.
And while I often "buck" the rules, and find myself over Sir's lap, the fact is I feel secure in  knowing the boundaries and whether in agreement or not, that Sir will not hesitate to enforce his expectations and help me get back to a better place of clear understanding of  those expectations.

Learning to work with Sir is a whole different post, but let's just say that having a TTWD lifestyle has been instrumental in keeping boundaries and expectations in place as we go through the process.
We have been faced with challenges for sure over the summer and TTWD took a back seat for awhile and we are slowly finding our way back. Well ok.. Sir is back... I am coming back with my feet dragging a bit. I mean after all, going for several months without being spanked or spanked in the manner that one has become accustomed to, leaves one's bottom feeling very tender at the slightest touch....Sir is mindful of my injury as well, and is using caution, but then proceeds to move forward
and assures me my bottom will once again become well accustomed to his touch or his implements...
What can be said here really? I am grateful for Sir, his wisdom, his guidance, his love. I am grateful that one year ago, I did not hesitate to follow through with his directive.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


It's been awhile I know. What a difference a month can make. Sir is nearly back to his normal self following the difficult injury he had early summer. It is me, that has been off balance. I can't quite put my finger on the situation except to say that I often am feeling lost and confused. I have decided that
we are being faced with challenges regarding our TTWD journey. That is scary in and of itself.
Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that we are changing directions, just that it doesn't feel like it has in the past.
 I would say this is me at present. I kind of  feel like I have dropped down into a dark hole and am struggling to find my way back up and into normalcy whatever that might mean. While Sir is trying to move us ahead, I am reluctant to follow his lead and it is not clear to me as to why.

 I came across this saying today , and I feel it does sum up exactly how I feel at the present time about TTWD. Before we were both injured this summer, we were humming along just fine and then....Bam!!! We were blindsided and our lifestyle as we have always known it, came to a stand still as we struggled through the healing process for us both. Oh there have been on going statements made by Sir through out this time has shown me that he very much was doing his best to stay in the leadership role, but for me I could feel myself slipping further away and definitely not leaning in to his way of thinking. I was not being difficult, I was not even being a brat, I just felt closed off.
Now it is not anyone's fault that we both sustained injuries that would take time to heal, but yet I felt resentful that we were placed in a position that we could not do TTWD as we normally have and that really made me upset. I mean now, we are able to spend all of our time together and we should just be growing by leaps and bounds right? Wrong. I am reluctant but why? I don't have the answer at the moment.
 I am a planner by nature. I wish there had been some warning that we were about to go through some very challenging times that would most likely change the course of how we were going about our daily lives. Some times it seems to me that when I look back over the past several months, that just maybe how we have been going about TTWD really isn't how it should be done.  I mean without the foundation being present, you can not continually grow. What I mean here is that we are old school people. Married for 40 years and from our dating years moving forward, always some form of spanking has been involved which in most instances took care of many situations. What's missing here is the many conversations we probably should have had along the way, and for whatever the reason we simply didn't. We just evolved with time. Is this right or is this wrong, I am not sure.
I think if we have had  better communication through out our lifetime, perhaps this episode of needing to place TTWD on the back  burner might not have been so difficult or challenging. Now we find ourselves off the beaten path so to speak, and as for me, struggling to find my way back to where we were. Sir is definitely trying, it is me that is failing in the process by not leaning in. What am I afraid of here exactly? I can not answer that question either at present. Perhaps things will not be the same? Yes.. I think that is my worst fear oddly enough.

And so.... I need to place my pride aside and ask Sir for his help in getting us back on track with whatever measures he deems necessary. Problem? Yes. I HATE to ask for anyone's help. I HATE to admit to failing. I dread telling Sir that I am finding it difficult to follow his leadership and most importantly, I am saddened that I can not find it within myself to submit to his leadership. I am disappointed with myself. Sir has given me his all. I on the other hand can not find the strength to pull myself off the ground, dust myself off and begin once again.
In my search for pictures for this post, I did come across the above one, and it did make me laugh.
That little devilish side of me came out. It is so me whenever I do something that I already know Sir would not approve of. So I guess, there is hope that I will come around and we will find our way back into TTWD that will make sense for us both. I am open to any feedback from any of you Ladies who may have traveled down this road or experienced similar feelings. I am looking forward to returning
to some kind of normalcy. Wish us luck.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

40 years and counting....

August 7, 1976. Seems so very long ago and yet also seems just like yesterday, we stood before God, family and friends and pledged our hearts to one another. We were young. Many said "it won't last"
Statistically, they were probably right. We on the other hand, we were stubborn, in love and determined to prove the whole world wrong. We thought we knew it all. One way or the other we would make it work.
There were many winding roads we took along the way, we certainly had many up's and down's with what life threw our way. It was not always easy. It was not always fun. There were in fact times where I am sure we both wanted to give up. But each one of us in our own way, were too stubborn, too prideful to just simply give up. And yes, most importantly despite all of life's difficulty, we were still in love with each other.
Along our journey of 40 years, it became very apparent to me that I had married a very special man, one who is the prince of my heart but also was a very dominant leader in our home. That part did not sit well with me at all in our earliest of years. So many arguments, so many temper tantrums did I throw in those early years. It is a true wonder to me that my man stayed with me at all. But stay he did, and he had his very own way of dealing with a wife who would not listen to reason, willfully disobeyed him at every opportunity, was down right disrespectful. He spanked, and he spanked hard.
He did not play games in letting me know of his displeasure and of his expectations moving forward.
Let's just say that Sir had his own little arsenal of persuasive implements that were frequently used without hesitation. Most often was his hand, followed by his belt when things were really not going well. Soon the paddle followed and a riding crop none of which were pleasant when he meant business. But you know what happened here ladies? I soon began to get his message when he meant business. I also knew that I did not want to disappoint him. This is a man who ALWAYS puts my needs, wants and desires above his own and.... he had met and exceeded my wildest dreams and then more.
But wait... what was happening here? I felt like I was living a secret life. I mean who in their right mind would discuss with anyone what was going on in our home? Were there other women who accepted being spanked by their husbands?  I mean really? I had so many questions. And then....

Yes, I was technologically challenged for many years, but once I got my own laptop and learned about google... good lord..... you know what happened next. Entering in that single word that you don't dare speak out loud... "Spanking" and OMG......A whole new world opened up to me. I must have read for weeks on end and believe you me... there is plenty to read. But what did catch my eye was TTWD/DD. Ahhhhh... at long last. There actually is a name for what we had instinctively been doing for most of our marriage. I could hardly believe what I was reading. And then..... I discovered..
Blogging. Now that was yet a whole other thing that I knew nothing about. But once I stumbled across some of the TTWD/DD blogger sites.. my oh my. I was a lurker for sure for so many months.
I was initially embarrassed even within the comfort and privacy of my own home. But soon... even while still lurking... I began to feel comfortable with TTWD. Then THAT day happened. I stumbled across Meredith's blog..... and she had an email attached. The door was wide open. Would I take a leap of faith and walk through that door to see if I could establish some honest communication and perhaps a friendship of some sort? Well the rest is of course history. I did reach out to Meredith and she was instrumental in helping me sort through those early feelings of uncertainty particularly since I had read way too much. I am forever incredibly grateful for her friendship and her honesty. And while I remained technologically challenged, I persevered and through trial and error finally was able to get my own blog up and running. Through that blog I have met many other wonderful women who have provided me with much support in the past several years.
So where is this going now you might ask? Well after 40 years of
marriage, one of the most often asked questions in  our home is.... Have you had your spanking today? Sometimes said in fun, those are the best kind right? Sometimes
though the intent is to teach an expected lesson, not so much fun as we all know. But I do know one thing for sure..... and that is that I was blessed to be given this strong man of mine, one who is a leader in our home and will do whatever is necessary to keep the peace in our home and our love flames alive.
And so despite the many up's and down's of life, here we are today still very much in love, I his princess and he is my prince. After all true love never ends, and TTWD certainly helps keep those love flames alive and dancing.

Now I typically wouldn't show something personal here on my blog, but I just have to show you the beautiful 40th anniversary gift Sir gave me. Hang on.....
BLING!!!! It is gorgeous. I wanted to share this wonderful moment in our lives with all of you ladies who are special to me in one way or another. 40 years is a long time. I am looking forward to many more years of fun, laughter, love and yes even spanking as long as it keeps us moving in the right direction!!!!! Thanks for letting me share our special celebration.