Monday, December 9, 2013

Not the brightest idea !

I thought I was getting better. Not!! Woke up this morning feeling poorly again and STILL no voice.
Decided to stay home and work from the comfort of my lazy boy recliner. Hubby is heading off to the pharmacy to get yet more meds that I do hope finally do the job. Not like me at all to stay this sick for this long. While he showered, I cleaned the kitchen from breakfast, put a load of clothes in to wash, fed the dogs, gave them water, took the trash out to the curb. Problem you say? Well we are slowly thawing out from an unbelievable week of subartic temps. Today is a balmy "0" degrees, but it is slightly snowing and the wind has picked up so wind chill is an issue. What am I crazy or what?
Nope. Just being me. Even being sick, I just don't know when to say when. Kind of like the energizer bunny...I just keep going, and going and going.

I come through the back patio door in my PJ's, robe and slippers just in time to come face to face with the man. He asked just what did I think I was doing exactly? " What does it look like? I squeeked out my comment. Looks like your getting into trouble. He turns and grabs a big spatula from the counter
and tells me to turn around and face the counter. I am to pull up my robe and place my hands on the counter. I know what is about to occur. My mind is saying "really, I am sick and he is going to spank?" Well..... my heart said, this is what you have been trying to tell him. Best obey.

Apparently I am not bright enough on my own regardless of how sick I am to NOT go outside in such inclement weather no matter what my reasoning was.

So... as I continued to hesitate with his direction, ( processing the request in my mind) he once again advised me to do as I was told. He told me to look at my snowman display in front of me, which struck me as being funny, ( that it was) He proceeded to quite matter of factly, spank my bottom with the spatula which was a new implement for me. Only took 6-7 smacks to my backside for my brain to re-engage with the message he was delivering.

Stay inside where it is warm, take care of yourself and think before you act. Yep, got the message loud and clear. I went to my lazy boy recliner covered up and promptly fell asleep. You know it is a funny thing, hubby knows me extremely well and knew just what action to take to get my attention.

Perhaps we really don't need to have " the talk" He apparently clearly understands what my expectations are. Maybe what we really need to do is just set the "boundaries" so we will both be on the same page moving forward.

Before I go, A few more swats to my behind after taking my meds. I asked what these were for and hubby simply said  "just because" Yep, his dominance is shining through, NO PROBLEM!

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