Friday, March 14, 2014

You have questions, I have some answers...

In response to "March questions," here are the following responses.

1. Irishey asks: What do you see as your most difficult issue to overcome or accept in your dynamic?
Response:  I believe my most difficult issue in this dynamic is the communication portion. I find it incredibly difficult to ask for certain things, as well as to accept what I am being told. My mind likes to play head games and this has caused a lot of heartache as I have second guessed
the thought or intent. I have also paid the price for doing so "if you know what I mean." I also was not prepared for the "emotional" piece of this journey. I have probably learned more about myself and hubby in the past 7-8 months of this journey than I have actually known over the past nearly 40 years we have been together.
Second question: What is your dream destination and why?
Response: My dream destination would be Hawaii. I have always found the islands to be beautiful, relaxing and romantic in looks. Seems like a beautiful way to spend time with the one you love.

2.  EsMay asks: What do you and your man like to do for fun? What is your ideal date?
Response: We both work very demanding jobs and so there is  not a lot of time for extra fun time. In the spring, summer, fall months, we spend time camping and boating on the wonderful lakes of our great state. This provides us time for relaxation and communication and reconnection.
Ideal date? I don't really have one. Because our time is so limited and precious, any time we can spend together is wonderful and special to me.

3.  Queenie asks: What things do you do on your own to foster that submissive feeling in your heart?
Does anyone outside of blogland know that you practice Dd? Does your man read your blogs?
Response: For me, I find going down deep within my heart and focusing on all the things that have been right for us the many years we have been together, helps me be mindful of all there is to be grateful and appreciative for. This can bring me to tears and to my "soft spot" in my heart when I take time to reflect on those moments. It is during that time that I  realize how truly blessed I am with the man I have been provided with.
And to the second question..... No One knows this is what we do!!!!! Goodness, I think I would just about die trying to explain this, as there are times I can't even accept this concept myself and I brought this to my hubby! I am new to this dynamic, I don't think I could explain myself as I often struggle just getting my thoughts and feeling out here in blogland. I so wish I had someone I could confide in, the way one would with a girl friend over a cup of coffee or hot tea. Perhaps some day.....
Third question: I just learned that my hubby does read my blogs which just blew my mind. He is not a reader at all. When I started my blog, I did let him know, provided the link, because I wanted to be up front and honest. It really surprised me when he shared that he had been reading. I don't advise when I post, I just assume he reads when the mood strikes him. I write what I feel and am completely honest about what I share.

4.  Kimberly asks: What is your dream vacation?
Response: Any place that my hubby and I can go away together and spend quality down time together. I love lakes, beaches and tropical areas. The warmth of the sun, the gentle breezes, the feeling of sand between your toes really help to set the mood for me.

Thanks to everyone for asking these questions. It was fun to be a part of this March madness!!!

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