Sunday, February 16, 2014

HOH sense of humor

You gotta love a man with a sense of humor. Today, I shared Quiet Sara's post on cursing and switching. It struck me as being so funny that I wanted to share it with hubby. He listened to me tell him the gist of the story, and I just kept laughing.. (sorry sara) He laughed at SM's response after Sara broke the switches, to look out the window the tree was still there.

He then said, you know God is pretty smart don't you think? I think he has a sense of humor. I said how's that? He said well you know Eve... just couldn't or wouldn't listen to even God's instructions about staying away from the forbidden fruit. Look at all the chaos she caused. Looks like God looked around and said I better provide man with something that will help him keep his wife in line. And behold.... Look at all the trees that are around. Plenty of switches to be had and wood for paddles. So... it all works out you know?

God already knew that women by nature would need to be lead, he also knew the trouble they would have following given their defiant nature. So naturally at some point man would figure out that spanking them would catch their attention and make their point. Who says men don't get this? What's not to get? He just laughed and had a gleem in his eye.
As I said, my hubby has had this whole thing down pact for quite sometime. Who am I to second guess him and God after all this time right? was good to finally share a good laugh about this subject. A much different view from last week.

We shared an awesome day. He led, I followed. He calmly told me this morning that I needed to go over his lap and get a spanking that would settle me for the week. I started to say something smart, he quickly said, I am not asking, I am telling you this is what is going to happen. So.. over his lap I went, a good firm hand spanking was provided with a simple reminder to stay calm this week and behave. A little morning fun, followed by time spent at the yearly boat show. We then took a drive out into the country, talked, laughed about everything including last week's unfortunate situation. We then enjoyed a nice dinner out.
Through out much of our dynamics today, I made mental notes about how much hubby actually does lead, and when I am quiet and listen, I will naturally follow. I also then recognized this is the most peaceful I have felt in months. So tonight, I give thanks once again to God for providing me with a perfect companion in life who loves me for me.

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