Saturday, January 11, 2014


If you have not yet read Clint and Chelsea's new book.. Transforming your relationship, I highly encourage and recommend that you do. They have a great way of discussing the DD lifestyle in a way that is informative and comfortable. I had already read all of their previous material in the past six months, but still took away some new information as well as a different perspective in some instances.
This book has something for everyone regardless of how long you have been practicing this lifestyle or if you are new. They also have revised their recommended bootcamp which I think still gets the lessons across but in a way that may be more acceptable for some.  I plan to be discussing if this is something we want to proceed with in the future.

On another note... while this may not be new to some of you, we are working on obedience and submission. Yesterday morning, while I was getting ready for work, we both were in the bathroom at the same time. Suddenly he picked up my hand held mirror and told me to turn around... he proceeded to smack my rear end... he kept looking at the mirror and then my bottom. He said.. hummm. Seems like this is a good item to use. He then ordered me to lower my jeans.. I said really? I was immediately embarrassed and humilated but not in a bad way. I did as I was told...he proceeded to spank more and you know, that silly little mirror did have some sting to it. Then... when I did not expect it, he lowered my panties. Oh my goodness... more embarrassment and sense of humility. He said" this way you can feel the full effect." Let's just say I most certainly did. The spanking was short and sweet, playful, but there was a lesson there. Taking one's pants down shows obedience, acceptance and submission. To have him finish by baring my bottom, showed me he was in control of the entire situation. I mentioned that I thought I understood why a paddle must hurt, as that mirror covered a lot more surface area at one time. I couldn't imagine him using a paddle.. he said.. you know the things you don't mention or talk about are the ones you probably want or need the most. Not that I really want to experience a paddle, but I do wonder since that would be new for me if that would get my attention?....
Seems like everthing he sees now, is a perspective spanking implement. I am guessing that  the bar has been raised and I am about to be on the receiving end of some new experiences!

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