Friday, January 24, 2014

Bottom meets wood!

I imagine some of you may or may not find this posting funny. Today is my "short" day at the office before we head out to our other job. I received a "text" from hubby mid morning letting me know he wanted to spank me right now. That was a "hot" message to receive in the middle of a busy morning. I worked to wrap things up in order to head home earlier than normal. Well.. life got in the way, I had to handle a crisis before I could get out, got that taken care of and headed home.

When I arrived home, I met hubby upstairs. I started yacking about this and that. He undid my jeans and pulled them down, next came the panties.. oh my once again. That immediately quiets and humbles me. I thought I was going to get a quick playful spanking and some afternoon delight. Suddenly, out of my peripheal vision I saw a bathbrush laying on the nightstand. My heart started to race and I could feel my anxiety rising even though I knew this was probably going to be just a playful session. Suddenly he pulled me over his knee and just as quickly I felt the first smack of that hairbrush on my backside and I nearly came out of my skin. Now I know for sure, he didn't put much heat behind that swing, but boy did it for sure feel like it. I did not stay put, I stood up and told him I didn't think I could handle that. He just looked at me all knowingly.. he put me over his lap again, and proceeded with several more smacks to my bottom. I could not stay still. Really?

So I know some of you are well accustomed to a paddle or the bath brush. Not sure how you do it. I am not opposed, just very surprised the "sting" that can come from those items. I would say that after experiencing just that small amount of discomfort, THAT would be the one  item I would not want to be punished with, on the other hand... It would only take one time wth one serious spanking and I know for sure I would never forget or disobey with whatever lesson I am to learn.

Question? How do you accept and stay in place when you know you are going to be spanked like that with an implement you absolutely do not like? I suppose the answer is.. you simply "submit" knowing that the spanking is going to hurt which is the exact point right? So the outcome of my mid-morning meeting was a short spanking with the strap which I can usually handle but even after a few swats with the hairbrush, my bottom was tender.... a little afternoon delight made that a little better and we were on our way.

Guess like I have to get used to some new implements.... I did enjoy the unexpected plans that hubby had for me. I need to learn to go with the flow a bit better. Wish me luck because I told him he could try using the bath brush again tonight. What?.... My way of submitting in accepting whatever he chooses.

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