Thursday, March 24, 2016

Peace and Happy Easter

Ahhhh... Spring is officially finally here. I love this time of the year when we see the first signs of new growth in the garden, flower beds and the trees. The skies are blue, the sun is out and the air is fresh. It's a new season.

The same is true in our home right now. It is a new season for us as we move forward on our TTWD
journey. I found the above picture and felt like it really spoke to me and where we are today. Certainly with my most recent lifestyle changes this has helped to decrease my overall stress levels and I am truly at peace and the happiest I have been in so many months. Sir has his way of keeping me in check and is doing so with great regularity these days. I am finding a "soft" side to me that has been buried deep down for a long time. Allowing that side to come out I have found, has also allowed me to find my submissive side that I was certain did not exist. This makes me happy and makes Sir pleased and happy as well.

Sir has always said that he expects my obedience to be freely given. I am finding it much easier to do so when I open my heart and give willingly. Now I am not saying I am perfect by any means and certainly there are those moments when my feisty, sassy, hot tempered self comes to the surface.
I need only to remember who holds this in their possession.
Yep, Sir found our riding crop in the closet this morning. Sir knows how to use this to his advantage to get a message across and while it has been some time since this has been used, I have not forgotten previous messages that were delivered using this implement. One definitely and very quickly will come to see Sir's perspective. And  so... I continue to practice saying Yes, Sir as my way of remembering to be respectful in my responses whether I agree or not. Hopefully I can keep up the good streak I have had lately, because Sir has assured me the next discussion we have, the riding crop will also be a part of. Ummm no I would really rather not. Wish me luck. I have no doubt he will keep up his end of the discussion.
So with those thoughts, I will end with something soft and pretty. Wishing all of you and your families a blessed Easter weekend, and the joys and peace of the new Spring season.


  1. Annabelle,
    Sweet post
    We have one of those crops, but it used in play only. Better be good.

  2. Happy Easter to you and yours and may you continued to be a good girl.

  3. Hi Annabelle, we too have one of those crops :(
    I hope yours doesn't make an appearance too soon. Happy Easter!
    love Jan, xx

  4. Happy Easter Annabelle. Eat lots of chocolate to stay in a good mood and avoid that horrid crop.
    Rosie xx

  5. Annabelle, what a lovely post! It is wonderful to hear how you are thriving with this big change.

    We have never played with a crop, but we do have a razor strap. Always curious, though.

    Hugs From Ella