Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March Answers...

Thanks to those of you who asked some great questions. I will try to provide some answers, so here we go.

Meredith asks me a similar question I asked her...What do you do when your Sir says he is spanking and you do not want a spanking?

Well I wish I could say I was always a willing participant. Certainly if it is a GG spanking or what we call Stress relief spanking, there is no issue there. Everyone likes a GG spanking right? And Stress relief spankings while I might hesitate for a nano second, I know that he knows they are just what I need. Discipline on the other hand... well we are just now exploring these. Sir has always said that he does not spank for this reason as he expects me to willingly do as I am told. I can share there have been a handful of times though that he has spanked and while the spanking was not "announced as such," My mind, my heart, and my bottom most certainly could tell there was a message he was delivering. During those times, I have hesitated in the moment but eventually did as I was told because I believe in this life style. I am stubborn, so sadly I get rather sassy and mouthy which only makes things more difficult for the two of us during those times. Clearly Sir has a way of getting his message across as I can recall each of those times with absolute clarity and never repeated any of those poor decisions again. I will add, that in those moments I would find myself angry at him and myself. Once the spanking was done, and Sir had made his point, and I had time to reflect, it was me that was angry with myself, hurt, and disappointed that I had not done what was originally asked of me. Thanks Meredith for the question.

Jan askes: Does your husband use any discipline other than spanking, If so what? 

Also a good question Jan. No,at this time there are no other forms of discipline used. As we are looking at our situation though with the whole discipline aspect, I will be asking Sir if he has ever given thought to other options and if so what would they be? I will report out on this in another post. For me, because things can escalate so quickly, I would find being sent to a "quiet area" without any distractions and being told to "reflect" upon my behavior would be effective. I am an emotional thinker and once I get past the anger, and don't have the ability to remain defiant or sassy, my heart usually speaks to me and I am then more open to hearing Sir's side of the situation. Thanks Jan. 

Ella askes: What drew you to domestic disicpline? 

Well this question Ella could probably turn into a separate post all by itself. I 'll try to give a shorter version here. Sir and I have been together for 40+ years and even prior to being married, Sir would spank for behaviors less than pleasing. I found that side of him to be rather "hot" and it  also in some ways made me feel safe. Fast forward 30 + years and  I kept wondering why I was so attracted to "spankings" in general and low and behold.. googling on the internet led me to DD information that literally blew my mind away. As most of you know there is a whole host of information out there that can be over whelming. I really felt there was some validity to what I was reading on some sites and so I cautiously brought this up to Sir. We have never held the "official" talk on this issue, as Sir feels that he has been doing what comes naturally to him all his life. I am a gal who has to have "exact" answers to the whys and wherefores of life. And so.. I read, I share with him and basically Sir has just stayed consistent.  Thanks Ella. 

Lindy askes: What's your favorite part of TTWD? Does Sir or myself have any fantasies? 

I think my favorite part of TTWD, is simply that it works for us. Whether it is GG spankings to spice things up, Stress relief spankings which I have given up questioning why I crave and need these, right down to the few times I have had a discipline spanking, I know that Sir understands my inter most needs and never hesitates to provide for my every need. He leads with strength and certainly and I feel safe knowing he loves me enough to not let me hurt myself or our relationship with behaviors that can be destructive. Fantasies? Oh Sir has many fantasies as I imagine most men do. He appreciates the oriental culture and has stated on more than one occasion that he would love to have an oriental women or two take care of his needs because he knows they tend to place their man's pleasures first always and without any back talk. ( I used to feel offended by this, but now I see his point and I also hear the message in his heart of what he truly expects from his woman) Fantasy for me? Well... a bit more hard to say.. I would just have to say that the whole entire Dominant/Submissive role would play out exactly as we all have often read about in the fictional books such as PK Corey's Cassie's books or Cara Bristol's books from the Rod and Cane Society. I actually can see myself in some of these situations and being made to submit to a spanking because of disobedience. I think that part is simply because by nature I am feisty, defiant, strong willed, sassy and just plain difficult. It definitely takes a strong man to tame this wild gal down to a manageable quiet lady. Thanks Lindy

Well that wraps it up for 2016 March Questions. Thanks to everyone who wrote it. I enjoyed this more than I thought because it gave me something to truly reflect upon on my journey. 


  1. Hi Annabelle,
    These were great responses. There was something personal in each of them that showed what a special relationship you share with your Sir. It was lovely.


  2. I enjoyed reading your answers, i agree about being angry with yourself for having disappointed your Sir...
    hugs abby

    1. OOps...I don't mean you should be angry with yourself, I meant that i feel that way too...UGH, should have re-read ...sorry, I am sure you please Him in all ways...
      hugs abby

  3. Hi Annabelle, great answers! What a long time you have been at this malarkey. I think that is great,your husband must have a handle on it all by now!
    love Jan,xx

  4. Annabelle,
    Great answers. I love how our individual stories are really about love and peace.

  5. Hi Annabelle, this is my first visit to your blog, I don't know how I've managed to miss it. It's good to know a bit about you.
    Rosie xx

  6. I loved reading your answers Annabelle! It's so fun to find out more info on each other.