Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spanking A-Z.....

So at the beginning of June, I noted that our community was going to participate in a blog where we were to write something using one letter of the alphabet for each day of the month. I thought this would be fun to do, but life got in the way. I have enjoyed reading all of your thoughts with regards to this challenge. Maybe in the future I will be in a better place to participate in these fun little games.

Right now, I am just randomly going to select "F" as in Finally! Finally I think I have figured out how to get pictures attached to my blog so that perhaps they may be of more interest. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words right?"F" is also for friends. A heartfelt thank you to all of you that have welcomed me and supported me over the many months. I don't know where I would be without all the wonderful support I have found here in this community. I am truly blessed. So hold on everyone, I hope to get a bit more creative with my blog.

I could not leave this post with out adding " O" and "S" Over his lap and Spanking......
Yep, that is where I am heading before this weekend is over as we work on the issues that are causing concerns for me. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. I hope F also stands for fulfilling--for when you go over his lap :)

  2. Hope everything worked out just the way you fantasized. (F word)