Saturday, June 28, 2014

Life's Changes......

So where does one actually begin? The past two years have been incredibly difficult, challenging and exciting. They have been filled with laughter, worries, fears, and unbelievable pride and joy.
What is the issue you might ask? The issue is that our lives as we know it is about to undergo a major change. It is not one that we wanted but it is one that will be necessary for our future well being.
We have had to make some extremely tough decisions this past week that will forever change the course of our lives as we know it. These are decisions that are painful for both of us. They are sure to shake us to our very core and challenge us as a couple. I can only hope and pray that I will be able to handle these changes and be the supportive and obedient wife that I need to be in order to provide the necessary support to my husband.
I have to hold on to the belief that God has us both in his hands, and he would not have brought us to this if he did not have plans to see us through this time. The question will be: do we trust him with our all?
                                                                                                                                                 We have both endured significant obstacles in the past two years and thought we were going to come out on top. No so much so, or at least this is the way it appears right now. Hopefully we will come out of this stronger and more resilient then ever as we face new challenges on our journey in life.
 Having Faith will be the key to our success. Having Faith in God, having Faith in one another. Certainly things have not turned out as we planned and not for a lack of trying, working hard and giving it our very best at all times. But maybe that is what God wanted for us even though we do not yet understand and it is all so fresh and painful right now. We have to trust that God will see us through.
So what has happened all of you might be asking? We opened our own business, and while it has been successful in the first year, going nearly two years missing over half of our income has left us with no credit, struggling to maintain our home as we pour everything we have into our business.
While we are meeting everyone's else's needs, we can no longer meet our own. We are fresh out of time, money and resources. We have put our home up for sale as well as our business. At this stage in our lives this will be a hardship.  I will need to follow my husband's lead and be able to meet his needs as he struggles with the difficult decisions we are sure to face. This will be TTWD/dd in it's finest hour. I am not talking spankings here, I am talking about communicating effectively, listening with empathy, doing what I am asked even if it doesn't make sense. I need to make things easy for him. But every now and then.... I will need him to take me by the hand and tell me everything will be ok. And with him by my side...... it is all that I actually need. We can loose everything around us, but we will still have each other. He is still my knight in shining armor, he is my sir, he is my everything.                                                                                                                  


  1. Annabelle,
    You are a strong woman and you have your man to guide you. Walking through the fire is difficult, but on the other side is peace because you have one another.

  2. I am sorry that your business venture didn't turn out the way you had hoped. These things have a way of tearing down our men, even if they don't show it externally. I agree with you about the communication and empathy part. TTWD might be the silver lining in this time. It will be difficult to maintain, but think of how difficult this time might have been before ttwd was implemented into your relationship. You have come so far in the past year, draw on your strength and knowledge that you are a team.

    Your husband may need your support and submission now more than ever as they tend to take 'disappointment' personally. Your submission might very well be the thing that he needs to show him you still trust him.

    I am not saying any of this is his 'fault' I am just projecting what my husband would feel. Whenever we stumble with the kids, finances, whatnot -my husband takes it as his burden alone mentally. I am not fantastic at submitting when he is not confident, or it appears he is 'elsewhere' in his mind- but he and other men tell me that is when he needs it most.

    I am thinking of you and holding you in my prayers. Hopefully a window will open soon for you even though it appears a door has been closed.

    Love willie

  3. I'm so sorry that things didn't work out with the business. You do face some serious challenges, but you do not sound defeated. You sound like a strong woman who will stand beside her husband and do whatever is necessary to get through this together. I wish you both much luck.

  4. Things like this are so very difficult. I wish you luck as you journey forwards.

  5. Hey Annabelle, just read this one. I'm so sorry things didn't work out. I'm hoping God is right there with you and that you are doing okay. That's serious business.