Friday, April 14, 2017

No.... I didn't fall off of a cliff!!!

Yes I know. It has been more than a few weeks since you have head from my neck of the woods.
And no... I didn't fall off of a cliff. Life just happens as most of you know. March was extremely busy for us business wise which is a good thing. Unfortunately though.... Sir and I got sick at the same exact time and it lasted 3 weeks. I guess the positive here was we were both too sick to pick on one another and we managed to take care of one another and actually lived to tell about it!!! In the meantime.....

Yes, after an extremely frigid and miserable winter, we now are enjoying more pleasant weather, temps are in the 50's and 60's and occasionally the 70's. Yippee.... and yes the grass is getting green, the flowers are starting to pop up and the trees and shrubs are budding out. It is refreshing.
And just as there is a change in seasons, we are continuing to change and grow on our TTWD journey.

So the above picture used to be on my computer screen at my old retired job. I had so many staff members that were constantly complaining and disgruntled. It was frustrating. So I had this on my screen for their benefit and to keep myself sane as I handled crisis after crisis. I came across it the other day and placed it on my computer screen here at our business. It reminds me to keep my "attitude" in check since that is the number one issue with Sir and myself. And while I am certain he would agree that there has been some positive improvements, I still have a ways to go yet to get where he would like me to be. I am working on it though I can assure all of you on that one. I am finally reaching the point that I understand Meredith when she says it is about pleasing her Jack and keeping the peace.
I do like that feeling as well, and I know Sir appreciates the effort being made. Now don't get me wrong here. There have been many trips OTK or OTB in March with Sir proving his point.

Sir spanks, I deal with finding myself in this position and Sir explains how I could best not find myself in this position.

So most of you already know what our paddle looks like, but I saw this one and had to share it as just very recently Sir said these same EXACT words while pulling our wooden paddle from his drawer.
He now knows how much I detest the wooden paddle. And over the past 6 weeks it has been his "go to" arsenal every time. I must say..... I am very responsive to this implement. I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL!!!!!!!  But you know what is happening? Yes.... we are growing closer together, we are laughing more and we both know our roles in this relationship. We do a lot more of this.......
Which definitely leads to much more of this....
Well... we don't look as young as these lovebirds but I'll bet we have just as much fun if not more.....

It may not be a big thing to any of you, but just this past week we got to travel for business reasons, and were gone for 2 whole days leaving our son in charge. Now prior to our departure I wondered about the details of the trip but I managed not to question Sir and he surprised me with handling all of the details for our stay away from home. We had an absolutely wonderful time. I had initially thought I might talk about TTWD  with him during our driving time but we were having so much fun being silly and laughing that I just let it go..... No discussion was needed. I knew what he expected and I made sure I was on my best behavior. Not that there were not a few "implied" comments between the two of us but all in good fun and understanding.
We arrived back home and after unpacking and taking care of the details so we could return to work today, we both ran into each other in the hallway. Sir said... I had fun, how about you? I shook my head. It was a short trip, but the first one we had been on in 4 years since starting our business. We had enjoyed a great time. Part of me was sad it had to end so quickly, but I was in agreement.. there is truly no place like home. As we settled into bed for the night, Sir asked me a question, I guess I didn't hear him correctly and my response was not at all to his liking. I was already snuggled into the bed with the covers over me when suddenly he pulled those covers back, pulled up my nightgown and gave me a short but very firm hand spanking. Then he said... don't ever forget who is in charge around here. You did a great job while we were away, but now that we are back I can see you need a quick reminder of expectations. Yes, yes I did. I went to sleep with a soundly spanked bottom and my heart full of love for this man of mine. I slept soundly and awoke refreshed and deeply in love and appreciative for the wonderful man I am married to.


  1. Annabelle,
    Good to hear from you.
    Inch by inch, we begin to support our husbands and that makes all the difference.

  2. Glad you are feeling better and that all is well. Happy Spring! :-)

  3. Love this! Yay for you two!

  4. Getting away together is something I dearly love. It seems that Sam will always find a reason to spank when we return home.

    SO good to hear from you, Annabelle!

  5. Annabelle good to hear you are better and had a lovely trip.
    Hugs Lindy xx