Friday, June 19, 2015

Thank goodness for friends and....I have attitude issues. Who me?

Before I start rambling off here, let me extend a heartfelt thank you to all of my blog land friends for taking the time to read and respond to my last post. While the issues I am dealing with at present are not the worst, they have been difficult and challenging at best and I am truly thankful and appreciative of all the support I have received.  Friends tell it like it is. They feed your soul. They nourish your mind and fill your heart with love. Thank goodness for friends.                                                                    

This is how I feel right now. I feel small and am doing my best to act in the expected big girl way. Only problem is.. I don't feel like it.

 This is EXACTLY how I am acting and I don't give a darn well except when the big guy gives me a look. You all know THE look. The one that says I am rapidly approaching a date with the paddle over his lap. Even then..I am pushing boundaries, spiraling out of control. I can't seem to stop myself even if I do know there will be consequences.

I just feel totally and completely frustrated and like I want to just explode. I can't even exactly put my finger on it, I just know that I am about to find myself in some serious trouble with the big guy if I don't get my act together. Between us girls.. I don't care. Well maybe I do just a bit.
So, by now, most of you can tell I am having attitude issues. I know if I recognize this in myself, I am certain everyone around me including the big guy can tell I am having issues. 
So, we all know we have choices every day in how things are going to go. Good day or bad day? The choice is all up to us. My problem? I can't even make an intelligent choice because I am currently in a "I don't give a darn" attitude. The big guy has advised me he has had just about enough and plans to take appropriate necessary action real quick. 
So.... if you are a bad little girl, you can be darn sure that you are going to get just exactly what you deserve. 
So.... this is where I will be finding myself very soon. Perhaps the big guy knows just exactly how to readjust my attitude. 
I am guessing that love, peace and harmony will be restored to my world which in turn will make the big guy oh so very happy. I told him thank you even before this planned event happens this evening. He said.. your most welcome little lady. Whatever it takes and however I can help., I am more than willing to do for you. I am here for you, Just remember that tonight when we are holding a much different conversation. I will do my best. After all, he knows what is best right?



  1. Annabelle,
    His kind of help is the kind that stings like everything. Is that another way! I hope so , but I rather doubt it. I am here on the other side.

  2. Hi Annabelle, oh well at least things will be better afterwards!
    love Jan,xx

  3. Annabelle,

    Your attitude must be contagious! Gabe just informed me last night that my attitude was less than submissive and I was due for a trip to the closet! I have no idea what her talking about! Well, maybe a little bit! Argh! I hope things turn out the way you hope and your attitude will be adjusted back to your sweet self!


  4. Sorry for the typo. It's hard to type on my little phone! It should say "he's" not "her." I hate auto correct!

  5. I hope you will feel much more in tune after tonight. I am glad he is there for you!

  6. Annabelle, I've been where you are! I'm hoping that you are more in tune with your man after his "attentions." Sometimes it's the only thing that gets me back on track.