Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year, Sick and.... Your grounded.

 Ok. New Year, post holidays, body says "I have had enough"
Sickness catches up with me after the many long hours of work I have been putting in.
We were caught in quite a nasty bitterly cold snowstorm this past week
all as we were returning to work after the Holiday season. I awoke this past Monday feeling bummed out about having to return to work. Some of this is normal once you have enjoyed a few days off. I just was feeling so exhausted. But off I went, worked very hard getting things in order to start off the New Year. As the day progressed, I felt my fatigue growing along with my irritability. Due to the snowstorm and at husbands directive, that I call it a day, I shut things down around 4:30p which is early for me and struggled to make the difficult drive home.
Once there, I got into my jammies, into my recliner with my snuggle heated throw. Hubby heated up left overs, we watch some of our favorite shows and headed to bed at 9pm. Not before I decided to rant and rave about the state of the house and anything else that came to my mind. He pulled me over his lap while in his recliner and gave me a few good firm smacks to my bottom and told me to go to bed. He was just making a point, but I was tearful. Up to bed I went and fell quickly fast asleep.
I could feel myself getting fidgety under the covers during the night. First I was hot,then I was cold, I was tossing and turning feeling achy. I awoke at 3AM with a headache. And then..... the god awful sore throat was noted. When I swallowed it felt like I had swallowed glass. It was so excruciatingly painful. I got up and went to the bathroom and took some meds. I could barely swallow them down.
I came back to bed and just groaned as I got back under the covers. Hubby asked if I was ok. I said no and started to tear up. I am so sick. Strep throat you think? he asks. Gosh I hope not I said. I drifted off into a fitful sleep as he rubbed my back. The next morning I awoke and knew I would not be making it into work.

Yep, this is probably the nice version of how I looked. Truth is I look quite pathetic when I am sick.
Checked my temp, 101!!. My head hurt and I had a dry hacking cough and I could barely swallow.
Hubby brought me some juice and more meds, tucked me in and told me to stay in bed and sleep. No arguments there. I felt like I was dying. This day rolled into the next day and I was just as sick as I was the day before. We had a raging snowstorm and there was no way I was getting out of bed and going to the Dr. Fortunately, this is what I do so I had the connection to call in and plead my case.
I stated I was 99% certain I had strep throat. Even at my age, I still manage to successfully get this at least once a year and I certainly had all the sx'es. I was encouraged to be checked for flu since it is rampant right now, but I did receive the flu shot and just wasn't convinced this is what I had. Antibiotics were called in along with something for cough with the promise of if I was not seeing any improvement in 24 hours I would come in to be seen. I texted husband and asked him to pick up my meds on his way home from work. This would not be until 10 pm but it kept me from going out in the bad weather. Back to sleep I went. He awoke me when he got home and held up my drink. It was the same one he had made at 7AM. I maybe had sipped once or twice. Not enough to stay hydrated. He was not happy. He prepared all my meds which involved cutting the giant pills into sections so I could get them down. Cough liquid followed. Eewwww. Next came throat lozenges and the infamous Vicks Vapo rub. Truth is.. I was too sick to argue about any of this routine. Day 3 arrives.
I am very fortunate that when I am sick.. Husband does all he can to insure that I do as I am expected in terms of rest, fluids, he cooks whatever I feel I can tolerate and eat. He helps me shower and get clean nightclothes on so I will feel a bit better. He is my knight in shining armor. Day 4 arrives.

Still feeling sick but meds are starting to take affect and all things considering... I am doing better. I stated that I thought I would go into work on Friday just for awhile. I had missed so much even though I had been following emails from home. I needed to clear things out you know and get ready for next week. Husband simply stated.. "you are not going anywhere" You may be starting to feel better but I can tell you are still not well. You don't know how to say no, your intention is good but I know if I let you go you will put in a 12 hour day and just be back at square one. You are to remain in bed... understood?
The next thing he said.... You are grounded until further notice. I will decide when you are able to return to work. Really? I thought about this long and hard.
 Reluctantly I agreed. Ended up sleeping most of the day away.Later that night for some reason, I started to struggle with this directive. Come on. I mean shouldn't I know when I am feeling better and can return to work? I spent from 12 midnight to 3AM tossing and turning. Maybe I could go in and he would not know. After all he would be gone all day and it would be very late before he got home.

 This silly little game played out in my head. The more I thought about it the more disappointed I became in myself. I was being deceitful and dishonest in plotting to go against his instructions regardless of how I felt. One week ago, didn't I just post that I would make the commitment to follow his leadership and already I was plotting a way to go around his instructions. Exhausted, I fell into a fitful sleep.

Day 5- Saturday
I get up, finally dress, put a bit of makeup on. Husband asks what I am doing. I said I thought I would go to work since no one is there and get a bit of work done. If looks could say it all... his did for sure. He pointed back to the bedroom. He asks do I need a reminder of what is expected? After all, if I am feeling that much better then apparently I am not so sick that my bottom could not be spanked.
Oh my goodness. He is not playing around. He goes on to say this is where you are allowed to spend your day.
Yes dear friends... This is my exact recliner. This is where I was told I could stay for the day. I could work on my laptop, but I was not to vacuum the house, do the laundry, take out the trash, not to take the trash to the curb, not put away Christmas decorations. I was to continue to rest, take naps and nothing more. Did I understand? Yes... I understand. He helped me downstairs and got me all settled in. Juice, tissue, remote, phone, Ipad and laptop. Then.... he brings me my meds and stays to be sure I took them all. I did. He kissed the top of my head and one last reminder to follow his instructions and he was gone. Suddenly, I am very tired and have the strong need to go to sleep. And sleep I did. I slept nearly six hours here in this comfy recliner. When I awoke, I felt ok. And so.... truthfully without much thought, I got out the vacuum. I started to clean a bit.  I could feel myself getting very winded. I could only do one room at a time and then had to sit down and rest. I finally was able to get the house done and I put the vacuum away. As I sat in my recliner thinking this over, it occurred to me that while I had not really done anything wrong had I?, still I did disobey one of the things he was specific about. Did it really matter? Now what do I do? Do I tell him or just leave things alone? Darn it...why do I have to be so OCD anyway? I only hurt myself or did I? So now this Saturday night, I am pondering the right thing to do. There are no white lies in life. A lie is a lie. Not really sure what he would say or do if I do tell him. Then again, honesty is of paramount importance. I think I know in my heart what I will need to do. Have any of you put yourself into a similar position? What was the decision that you finally came to?


  1. Hi Annabelle, You have to tell, you know that. I hope you continue to get better now. He has been sweet to look after you but you are tempting fate now, maybe if you confess he will go easier .
    love Jan,xx

  2. Yikes, Annabelle. I know that you felt a little better, but to start cleaning when he said no is very dangerous for you. I think I would tell if I were you and say a big apology. Perhaps things will go well for you then. I wish you well right now.

  3. Well I'd imagine he'd notice that you vacuumed?

    I know how you feel about the OCD tendency. I was REALLY sick over the holidays. I got up and did most of my regular stuff and things I thought, "oh this won't take long' while Barney was at work. It took me at least 4 times the regular time it would normally take me. I would work for 5-10 minutes and then lay down for 20. The problem here was Barney had no idea how sick I was until it couldn't be hidden any longer, ( he works long hours). Needless to say he wasn't impressed. I didn't have a direct order, initially, to stop doing things, but I certainly didn't help myself. I knew he wouldn't be happy with me once he found out.

    I think in your case, I can understand the initial, instinctive reaction to vacuum, but once you got winded, you would have realized it wasn't a great idea to continue. (Been there). You are fortunate enough to have a husband that notices, knows you and is willing to react to save you from yourself. Many other women would love to have that kind of attention. Probably not too long ago, you might have considered yourself one of those women too. The fact that you wrote about this, and then asked the women here what they would do, tells me you already KNOW the answer. My suggestion, be honest. Tell him at first you didn't even think about the fact you were disobeying, but after you realized he was right you continued anyway. Explain to him if you know why or tell him that you are unsure of why. Furthermore, tell him that you are disappointed in yourself because of all of these things. I am not saying this will get you out of a punishment, and you know maybe you really don't want to be given a pass. After all it would appear it has been a while due to illness....maybe this is just what the Dd Doctor has ordered ?

    Good luck finding your voice,

  4. Hey Annabelle,
    What a sweet hubby! My hubby loves me dearly, but doesn't know how to take care of me when I'm sick. He'll do anything I ask of him, but he doesn't instinctively know how to nurse someone. You are very blessed! And I had to crack up that he 'grounded' you. Again, he's doing it out of love for you and knowing what is best. So sorry that you are OCD - I am so not, so I can't even imagine the need to vacuum when so sick. ;)
    But yah, you need to confess and take the consequences. And thank that dear man for loving you so much.


  5. It will just keep eating at you until you tell him. I understand how hard it is to relax when you want to get things done around the house. It's awful to stay still for so long and know you want to get work done but sometimes you have to just give in and let work and the house go. This crud that has been going around everywhere is nasty and for me it keeps rearing it's head if you don't give in and just rest. Hubby is working hard on keeping you healthy and as hard as it is to sit back and relax, that is exactly what he is expecting from you. Tell him you disobeyed, accept the consequences and listen to him next time!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!