Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stormy times, tough lessons, and many reasons to be thankful......

So friends, it truly has been 2 months since I last posted. In those weeks we faced stormy times, & tough lessons but came through with so many reasons to be thankful. Actually I have started and stopped many times to offer a post in order to document my journey. Things just kept changing so quickly that I simply did not have time and needed to focus all of my energy on just getting through our situation.
"Sometimes it is so hard to see the forest through the trees"
And so as the saying goes, many times on our journey, it was very hard to see where we were headed or to know what was going to happen. For me, this was unusually hard as I am the type of person who has to have a clear cut plan in order to have control over what will happen. In our situation, this was impossible. Not having control leads to well.... total frustration, anxiety, moodiness, anger, and yes you guessed it... total disruptive behavior.                                                                                         

I am happy to share that we did come through our "storm" and survived the hard times and can see the sunshine once again. As always, God knows the plans that he has in store for us and will not bring you to something if he is not going to see you through the situation.The question is: Do you trust and believe that this is possible? Now that we have passed through the hard times, I can tell you that I so appreciate the good times we are enjoying now. There were times of heartache, there were times of tears, there were times of fears and there were times of anger. None of the above feelings changed anything. Sometimes you don't know what you have until you no longer have it. Sometimes you have to be at your lowest point looking up before you can see the answers. Sometimes you have to accept what is before you, in order to move ahead. We at least... had each other. United we stand, divided you will fall. This was a test of our marriage at it's most difficult time. TTWD/DD definitely played a role in the survival of our marriage as we went through this trial. It is odd when I think back on things. We started this lifestyle nearly a year ago now, and had no idea as to the importance this would play in the months ahead.

                            Truth is.... there was a lot of this.................................

Then there were "the looks" & times I should have listened...... 

but instead crossed right over the line and found........

When you find yourself at this end point..... with no other place to go, the next stop is...........

Yes.... right over Sir's lap for a often painful yet meaningful discussion.
If your not seeing eye to eye before this, you will definitely be seeing eye to eye after this.
Need I really say more here?
Yes... I have finally learned that when I choose to obey without question, & let Sir lead, then the pressures and worries are for him to carry, I can then follow and rest easy in his decisions. 

Let's not forget the special friend that is always present, always supportive when you feel there is no one that understands. This is a gift which is not measurable. For this friend.... I am eternally grateful.

And so here we are. We are enjoying the sunshine after the storm. For those of you following my journey, we did not have to sell our business. We did not have to sell our home. In fact we were blessed so abundantly that it exceedingly surpassed our expectations.We instead were blessed with the inheritance of Sir's fathers estate, which allowed us to pay off in full all of our debts, our business and our home. We finally can rest easy and rejoice in this true blessing that has been provided. As for Sir and I, we have grown together in our relationship. It has not been easy, it has been challenging, but I do know this.....I will follow my Sir anywhere that he leads........he is my forever love.


  1. Annabelle,
    You have been missed and I am glad you have returned. Ttwd/dd means both good times and bad. See how strong you are. I see that.

  2. Hi Annabelle, I am so glad that things have turned out alright for you both, what a relief that must have been.
    Love Jan,xx

  3. Annabelle,
    So happy to read your update! Glad everything is going better, you made it through the storm! Sounds like you're in a really great place, can't wait to see where you go from here!

  4. Annabelle, that's terrific news, So happy for you guys. Praise God.

  5. Annabelle, I'm so glad to hear things are calming down for you. We are currently struggling with trust and control so I understand completely how difficult it can be. It sounds like the lifestyle has become a true part of your life if Sir is willing to step on and take the control away from you. Power messages but a true way for you to see his leadership clearly! One of those tough messages ;) Now that you've had some growing pains I wish for some peaceful, relaxing time for you and Sir. Hugs to you, clara

  6. I appreciate your reaching out to PK and, in turn, her mention of your blog. I am in awe of bloggers' willingness to share yourselves with others. As a member of the '60 is the new 40' club, it is reassuring to discover that I'm not the only kinky baby boomer in a long time marriage. Jon