Friday, July 18, 2014

Now THAT Hurts!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week while cleaning out an area in our business, I came across an item that caused me to stop dead in my tracks. I studied "said" item, and thought well this would certainly be effective if it were to come in contact with my backside. At the end of the night, hubby was closing things up and suddenly came up  behind me and told me to bend over the desk. SMACK, SMACK! What ever he was using really had some sting. I turned around to see he had grabbed a small metal tray and that is what he had used. No I don't have a picture of that... but I do have a picture of this.....
Yes.... this is the EXACT item I had found earlier in the evening but had not yet showed it to him.
Call me crazy but I thought this would be the time to show it to him, so I did. Conveniently it fit his large hand quite well, I thought with the small handle it would be hard for him. Silly me!!! Naturally he had to try it out. Bend over again he says. Now...... I am anxious. me, who has been spanked many times over the years, has never experienced a paddle. The dreaded item in my mind. But heck... I did see it, I did wonder about it, I did show it to him, what else was he suppose to do?
And so.... SMACK, SMACK AND SMACK!!!! And man oh man......the burn and the sting quickly brought tears to my eyes. He was just trying it out, no real effort behind it, but my bottom and the meeting with the wood...let's just say made a permanent impression in my mind and for certain on my bottom. He got a good laugh, I even laughed after the shock wore off. He went to close up, and I slipped this item in my travel bag to take home. Probably better there than at work.
I placed it in his drawer once we were home thinking it would be at least a few days before he considered using it again. WRONG!!!!! DEAD WRONG. As I was climbing into bed, he suddenly said...come here. I cautiously climbed out of bed and went to him, thinking that he was just going to top off the spanking. So over his lap I went... then... I heard the drawer open. And yes, that paddle came out. The difference? At work I had my slacks on. Now over his lap, he pulled my night shirt up and yep...bare bottom. Did the adrenalin start flowing? I nearly thought I was going to die from the pure anxiety.

I knew he would go easy, but really? He started to spank. He was slow, careful but accurate. My bottom was hot, burning and stinging. Maybe I got 6-8 swats, I kinda lost count in the moment.
He let me up. I knew then what it means to do a "spanking dance." I wanted to just rub away the feeling. He was just so laughing. I was sort of laughing, did have some tears... you know mixed emotions. He placed the paddle back in his drawer where I have the feeling this is going to be a regular item now used. He told me I could go get in bed. The coolness of those cotton sheets sure felt good on my now sore bottom. We snuggled in. He placed his hand on my bottom and I quickly drifted off to sleep.      When I woke up in the morning... This is what was on my mind!

Amazing what a piece of wood can  do and say to make such an impression!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can be absolutely certain, that I do NOT want to EVER be paddled with this board for failure to be obedient. Time will certainly tell.                                                                                


  1. Welcome to my world, Annabelle,
    A paddle stings like you wouldn't believe! Be good and the paddle never leaves the drawer! Right?

  2. Oh my gosh, if this was a "just for fun" spanking, I can't imagine what it would feel like for punishment. Avoid at all costs!! Maybe he'll forget about it if you you're good for the next couple months or so! Or, buy him a host of new implements in the next couple weeks, so he has many things to try out, haha! All of those plans seem like they could backfire, though...

  3. Wow! That looks scary... funny my big implement fear has always been wood too. I've never been spanked with a wood paddle either. Maybe it should somehow disappear:)~ (just kidding) I would nt want you to be punished for that! For now I think "obediance" is a good idea!

  4. Hi Annabelle, Oh gosh I hate our wooden paddle too. More than anything in my husband's arsenal , it really packs a wallop and I don't think he puts much force into it either.
    love Jan,xx

  5. I know I'm the odd ball here, but I love wood. Yup it hurts like the dickens, but it gets through to me. The other things seem to sting, but are more just annoying. Then again I have never been one to be like all the rest!

    Consider yourself very lucky Annabelle. I wish there was something I dreaded. So does Barney!

    1. yeah, it hurts but I like it. I like the after burn.

  6. We just got a paddle from Woodrage and I know what you mean. I haven't gotten punished with it yet and hope not to for a long time. You're brave!