Friday, July 11, 2014


Apparently there are some instances where there are choices that are allowed.
It has been a very busy week as usual.  I feel that given the circumstances of my personal life
along with what has occurred here in blog land this week, I have been fairly cooperative and pleasant.

Yesterday, hubby called to give me some information regarding our business so that I could take care of it from where I was at with my "regular job" I felt I was listening... responding appropriately...until I heard him say... I am going to spank your butt. What? Huh? What did you say? Apparently, that got my full attention. I asked once again if he was serious.

"I am going to spank your butt when I get home tonight he repeated. You are to gather several items and lay them on the bed and make yourself ready. When I call you to tell you I am headed home, you need to get ready and be waiting for me, understand?" I said, "but aren't you suppose to decide what is used when spanking?" He says.. "Oh don't you worry about that. I will decide what will be used and how. You just have things ready." Well what does one say except......Yes sir.

So I arrive home rather late. I did a few things around the house. Then I remembered what he had said earlier in the afternoon. Well ok.... I actually thought about it most of the afternoon as this was a first. So.... I start looking around for "items" it's not like we have a large stockpile of items we use. But here is what I found and laid out.                                            
Now what does one do? I studied the items for awhile and wondered which one he would actually use. Well I didn't have to wait long. His text arrived telling me he was on his way home. Nothing else was mentioned. I wondered if he would even have remembered what he had said earlier in the afternoon. Soon I heard his keys in the door. The adrenalin surged. I waited for him to come upstairs. He did not keep me waiting. He came in, handed me the dinner he had made and said, place this over there for later. He then turned up the speed on the ceiling fan. I said, we don't need that on so cool. He said.. oh you will need it in just a few minutes when I start to heat up that bottom of yours. He pulled the covers off of me and told me to turn over. He started with the paint stick and told me this was for being sassy in the hardware store earlier in the week. ouch................Then he told me to get out of bed. He motioned me over his lap. He used the hairbrush next... several good hard smacks. Stopped, rubbed my back, told me to settle down. Proceeded again with the brush. Several more good hard smacks were delivered to my backside. He asked if I was settling down. "Yes sir" I replied. Good he said.
He rubbed my back and my bottom a bit more. Handed me my pillow and said you will need this.
The next thing I felt was the familiar "sting" of the heavy leather strap. Now he was getting serious. He spanked hard and long. Told me I needed to not move. He would let me know when he was  done. The spanking continued, until I was totally spent. When he was done, he had me turn around. He admired his work. He said my bottom was just red enough. He hugged me, told me he loved me, and said.. Now you will sit on your sore bottom and eat the dinner I have fixed for you without argument. Are we clear? Yes.... I am absolutely clear.

Dinner was eaten, it was delicious. Then... a little lovin took place, he asked nothing of me, but I can say this.... I felt like a limp wet noodle.... promptly fell asleep and slept soundly through the entire night. I awoke fresh and ready to face our weekend.

So sir, knew instinctively what I was in need of. It was amazing. Just glad I really wasn't in trouble, because three implements at one time was new for me, and I can say that I still feel that nice warm burn as I sit today. I would say he had his HOH hat on good, and I might add.... his dominance was quite hot and sexy!!!


  1. Annabelle,
    Delicious and yet, your spanking took my breath away. You are a brave and loved wife. Your man loves you very much.

  2. You made me smile and wish I didn't have a cold and sore throat still. Don has COPD and when I'm sick, we have a no touching rule so he doesn't catch it and end up in the ER. But I did email him from work yesterday saying I was in need. Maybe tomorrow I will be all better. :-)))

    Have a great weekend. Jackie

  3. Hi Annabelle, what a good start to the weekend!
    love Jan,xx

  4. A good solid emotional release. :) Delicious indeed.

  5. Great senario Annabelle ;) your a lucky wife! Very sexy.