Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Just how much does Sir know? Warning..Rambling post

Cute right? This is my newest fur ever cat that I adopted February 14th. His name is Baxter. He is quite the lover and a handful. Sir says just like me. Humm. Now what does THAT mean exactly.
Notice anything else in this photo? Let's take a closer look shall we? Now what we have here is a
perfectly innocent picture of Baxter's play toy. A mouse that dangles from the end of a very flexible bendable stick. He loves it. I did too, until... Sir picked this up on Sunday afternoon, whipped it around a couple of times through the air. What a whooshing sound it made. He asked if I thought it sounded like a willow stick. Well.. now that you mention it, I suppose it does. Next he says.... "Turn around" giving that all knowing serious look. Really?, I am thinking in my head. Oh well, how bad could this toy really hurt anyway? So I turn around and he quickly flicked his wrist. Yes I said flicked his wrist, not much of a swing,  and with one fell swoop that plastic stick struck the bottom of my rear end and I don't know who yells louder, me or the cat. I mean ladies, that item brought tears to my eyes and I was silenced. Sir then says with a smile.. "See? Most any item in my hand could be a new implement of choice. I rather think I like this one!" Me.... DEFINITELY not. Especially when he assures me "just imagine what this would feel like on your bare bottom and not through jeans." Well.. I would really rather not imagine if you don't mind.
Me. All me. Every bit me. Sassy, Sassy and more Sassy. In fact my name could be Ms. Sassy Pants!
I ALWAYS have to put my two cents, ok maybe a few dollars worth of input in. I will not be quiet until I have said what I intended to say whether asked or not.
I apparently have a "tone" that Sir frequently picks up on that really irritates him to no end  and that is probably putting it mildly.  Let's be honest ladies... when we respond back to our men, I am guessing we really are very much aware of just how we really sound, but we say what we say anyway and worry about the consequences later right? Then there are those times when we think we are making a simple response and BAM!!! Right out of the blue.... we are reprimanded for our "tone." This conversation occurs in our house sadly on a daily basis. I have been told time and time again to "watch my tone" " Your getting sassy young lady" " I would stop where your at if I were you." Now just exactly how many warnings does a gal need to stop with the "tone?" Well I guess in my case, many a warnings go unheeded.
Fast forward to Sunday night. Sir has me undress. I am thinking... yes. We are going to have some fun lovin' time and I sure could use the attention. What does Sir say?
"Get on your knees and do not move." Whooooa there. Did he just say what I thought he said? Sure. I have been on my knees before but never under a direct command. He told me I needed to move quicker. So.. down on my knees I went. He simply stayed sitting on the side of the bed. In less than 5 minutes I was already getting fidgety. Sir simply said. "I want you to be still." I started to explain to him how uncomfortable I was getting. He continued to look at me. Finally he said. "I could make this much more uncomfortable for you. I could have you kneeling on a rough mat or on pebbles, now THAT young lady would be uncomfortable wouldn't you agree?" I was truly silenced. Now, Sir is saying things that I have read about in blogs and in some of the fictional spanking stories I have read but I have never, ever discussed those stories with him. For those of you that follow my blog, you probably recall that I have shared many times Sir really does not read much. So if this is so.. HOW in the world does he know these things? My thoughts are interrupted with Sir discussing that "being punished is not suppose to be comfortable" My mind did a complete 180 turn. Sir also does not spank for punishment. What is he saying here? He then asks if I am familiar with having to kneel for periods of time to reflect? Am I also familiar with kneeling on rough mats to reinforce the punishment? I nearly lied. My mind went to these two pictures I had in my mind from what I had read.
   Neither one of these two mats seem very appealing right now or ever, for that matter. In fact, I am not happy I am still kneeling here on this carpet. I attempt to grab a pillow and this is promptly taken away by Sir. "Need I tell you one more time, you are being punished and you may not have a pillow." Now, I am beginning to wonder just what is going on here with my Sir?  Next he says.. "in 5 minutes you are to get up and find a corner and stand there until I tell you, you may come out." Really?
Yep, again, just like I have read about. My heart is fluttering and my mind is racing. How does he know about this? Am I going to be able to do as I am told? Sir is continuing to stare at me. "I bet your wondering right now, how I know these things right?" All I could do was shake my head yes. Sir said
"All men who can take charge of their women, know these things. It's not rocket science you know. I know just exactly what a naughty young lady needs to get back on track. It's just common sense really." Sir then says. " what I expect from you right now while you are here on your knees and soon to be in the corner.. is for you to STOP wondering how do I know things, and start thinking about your sassy attitude and your sassy mouth and what you need to do to stop with this behavior."  Time is up. Thankfully, Sir is kind enough still to help me up off the floor. He then tells me.. "go to the corner and stand there until I tell you to come out." Ha... now this is so much easier I thought. I am not so uncomfortable.  I could probably do this a long time. Get the picture here yet ladies? I am STILL NOT focused on my behavior. The time drags on. Sir is watching something on TV. Now I am getting irritated. I am getting cold.  I mean here in my neck of the woods, it is still cold at night. I still sleep with a flannel shirt and socks and under piles of blankets and comforters. And the time drags on.
I can hear the clock ticking away. I can hear one TV show ending and another starting. I am getting fidgety once again. I heard Sir sigh. He said... " come over here now." The TV goes off.  I walk over to his side of the bed where he is pointing. He said.. " bend over the bed now" Those words are not usually good words. I don't even get to be over his lap where I much prefer to be. Sir interrupts my thoughts and says.. "I want to assure you this will not be a GG spanking." I said.. what do you mean? He says.. "oh you know, Good Girl spankings, Bad Girl spankings." Do I know? Well yes of course I do. Again, I read, he does not. I am familiar with the "lingo" I didn't think Sir was. Once again he points to the bed and says "bend over and stay there."  I hear his dresser drawer open where he keeps the implements. I turn my head to see which one he is choosing. Frankly, neither one that he keeps there is going to be a good choice. Sir sees me looking and tells me... "This is all my choice you understand that right?" Yes Sir, I said. Sir said... "this is what happens when naughty young ladies who have a Sassy mouth are insistent on NOT listening to what they are being told. They are spanked good and hard so that you will have something to think about for the next several hours. Perhaps the next time I give you a warning, you will remember this night and act accordingly."
With that, Sir used the dreaded leather strap. I honestly can not remember the last time he has spanked so hard. My bottom was on fire. I was definitely sorry I had not heeded any prior warnings.
I was now focused for sure on what he was concerned with. My sassy attitude and sassy mouth.
Sir interrupts these thoughts and says. "I guess your not feeling so sassy right now are you?" No sir, I am not feeling sassy at all. I am only feeling as though my bottom is on fire and I need you to stop. Those thoughts were in my head. I only said.. "No sir, I am not. I am sorry" and I started to cry. A few more spanks to complete his point and he was finished. Sir then said... To bed. You are tired and you need to get some rest. I went to my side of the bed and as I went to sit down, the cool crisp cotton sheets felt rough against my now very sore bottom. I actually moaned a bit that I was tender. Sir looked at me and said.. "Good. I want you thinking about this for a very long time." Perhaps now you will listen to what I am telling you right?" Right, I said.  I would certainly hope to remember this night for a very long time to come.
So some of you may ask what is the point of this entire post? Well I am not sure really except to say.. never underestimate your HOH. Just about the time you think they "don't get it" believe you me, most likely they really do. So be careful what you wish for.... your wishes may come true.


  1. Annabelle,
    Sounds like your Sir means business! Ouch! These men want things smooth and they know how to stop the sass in heartbeat or the flick of their wrist! Right?

  2. Hi Annabelle, Well I guess you know how much he knows now :(
    Hope all is well now
    love Jan, xx

  3. He sounds like a natural....
    hugs abby

  4. Annabelle, I think there must be a HOH manual hidden in their brains, waiting for the right moment to emerge. Sounds like Sir has swallowed it whole!
    Rosie xx

  5. Sass is a trigger for trouble for sure. Sam does not use the corner often, but when he does, I remember for a long time. Your Sir has a few tricks up his sleeve.

    I loved Rosie's comment above! An HOH manual is just too funny.

    Hugs From Ella

  6. Yep, at some point they just figure out this all works and they figure out what turns our attitudes around the fastest and most effective way. Corner time is probably the biggest deterrent for me. Thinking time is awful!


  7. First time reader and I just read your entire blog - start to finish! We are married 25 yrs and at the start of our DD journey. Cannot thank you enough for sharing.

    1. Deena...welcome! I would love to know more about you. If you have started a blog let me know how to find you. Your welcome to email me if you want to chat more in the future. Navigating then DD journey can be tricky at times and it helps to have support. Let me know if I can help.

    2. Thank you! No blog for me. I don't have much to blog anyway - just figuring this out together. I am amazed at how kind everyone in this community has been. Thank you so much.