Sunday, August 3, 2014

Subtle Submission

I have been doing some thinking recently and wonder what others of you do to keep submission in your sight. I hate to be the one to admit that I have a temper, definitely can have an attitude, am sassy and defiant and in general want to have the last word. What does this result in?
There needs to be a chain of command that is followed in the military. I was raised in a military family and the expectations for behavior were clearly outlined. This included a respectful "yes, sir"
when answering my dad. He was the head of our house. Why then, should things be any different with my husband who is the leader in our home?
All on my own several months ago, when sir and I had a major misunderstanding, I was determined to find a way in which I would consistently respond to him with words that would show my level of respect and also serve as a reminder in my heart where I needed to be.
Now sometimes truthfully, this is the way it can come out when I am responding. I don't think this is quite the way sir appreciates my response. It had better be more like a simple:
Honestly, I have really worked so very hard at just saying a simple "yes, sir" I find it does soften my heart and put me in a place of willing submission. In the event it does not, this is often what can be the end result....
This kind of end result is not always pleasant. And yet it is funny, this end result also ends with the same two words: "yes, sir" My submission is definitely present. The difference you ask? I had to pay the consequence of not simply being submissive to begin with. And so.. it is so much easier to just say....
When I do, sir is happy, I am happy and we have peace and harmony in our marriage. He continues to lead, and I, continue to follow.
What phrases, or thoughts come to your mind, that help keep you in a submissive mind set?


  1. Annabelle,
    For me it is pleasing him and supporting him. I love not having the weight of decision making on my shoulders. I try hard to discuss respectfully, but sometimes I slip. I do feel safe and loved always.

  2. Hi Annabelle, I just try hard to think about what I do, and do little things for him that I know will please him. I am not an angel though so....
    love Jan,xx

  3. Hi Annabelle.

    Barney told me at the start that he didn't want to be referred to as sir ( fine by me ;) ) and most importantly NEVER Daddy....again okay by me!

    I suppose the most important thing I do to remember my submissive self is to try to react in a way that Barney would if the shoe was on the other foot. He is always calm and caring. He never lashes out.

    Another thing I do is ask. I try to ask permission for many things, even if they aren't things I am required to do. Sometimes it is REALLY difficult to spit that question out! LOL

  4. I am reading this with a different mindset this time. If I had simple said "yes sir" last time there was an issue we could have avoided a very unpleasant night. Good reminder but not always easy.